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January 7, 2013
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St Abadeers- Ivan by ZodiacDreamer St Abadeers- Ivan by ZodiacDreamer
Name: Ivan Retille
Age: 18
Year: Senior
Possessions: Cello/ case, sheet music, hair ties, his wallet,and a comb. forhisbeautifullysoftonixlocks
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6 holyshityoufreakinggiant
What he is: Italian/Korean
Part-time Job: He doesn't really have a job persay but, from time to time he will go out an play his cello for some cash.
Personality: Ivan is a pretty laid back guy,and always seems tired. He doesn't bother with people much unless they talk to him first. But once he gets to know you you will have a loyal friend for life. He tends to laugh alot whether it be an akward situation or he actually finds something funny. Depending on the situation he can be as proper as he needs to be, or the complete opposite he's not scared to get down and dirty if something needs to be done. p.s. he has a lisp
History/Bio: Ivan's family are all very well off famous musicains. He spent most of his younger years traveling with his mother and father or staying home with a nanny, to be home schooled. Either way his parents made sure to push him to excell in his music and his studies. Around the age of six his parents decided they wanted another kid but couldn't concieve, so the went to an orphange planinng to get a baby, but to there surprise Ivan and a boy about a year yoounger, named Wallace were hitting it off great, and so Wallace became Ivan's brother. They were forced to try many different instruments until they found one they were most comfertable with, which for Ivan happened to be cello, however he also dabbles with the piano on occasion.. Being the fact he practices so much he rarley sleeps well and the result being he would take naps randomly, and has very dark circles under his eyes. Around the time he turned 13 he decided to tell his parents he wanted to go to a normal school, untill he graduated, he wanted a break from the on again off again travels. They allowed him his wish, but unfortunatly, it wasn't as great as he had hoped, being a tall lanky kid with a lisp, and one that plays a instrument didn't exacly put him in the cool kids crowd, and led to him being bullied. This went on for awhile and his parents, demanded he either stop going or learn how to defend his self, of which he chose the latter. Even with learning how to fight though it didnt help the fact of the bullies all it did was get him in more trouble for fighting. During his junior year his father told him of a private school called St. Abadeers, and told him to look into it. (and thts how he got here with his brother :iconaskwallace: )
Likes: here are a few of his favorite thinnnggss~ most music, sleep, snakes, kaboobs, sunny days.
Dislikes: cold weather,soda, vegitables, music with no meaning, bullies, the way wallace eats pizza
Classes:English,History tba
Clubs: tba
Sports Teams: tba.
RP with him if you'd like
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(( i hope you dont mind if we rp ^_^ ))
Slightly struggling with two packed boxes, shield walks up from behind with a light smile "excuse me, i hope im not bothering you but, do you happen to know where the chemistry clasroom is? Im sorta..l-lost at the moment" she said as she let out a weak laugh
[oh mama this is great
you dont mind if i make seth a cello player too? ]
ZodiacDreamer Jan 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
they can be friends babu)
ZodiacDreamer Jan 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
They can be like the celloist from piano guys.)
omg his electric cello though, dndknjkNdjkniveneverwantedanythingsobadlyinmylife

umf yes sounds good, hopfully they et me in the au
im a post this thingy in a bit im just having trouble writting out all this junk]]
ZodiacDreamer Jan 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ok VuV ivan has an electric cello)
omg not even fair]
OwlBeAwkward Jan 8, 2013  Student General Artist
(( aw man he is all kinds of snazzy
And his hair rock'n))

Grendy: *walks up behind him and taps the cello case in his hand.* 
"Hiya. What kind of thingie-ma-jig is this, if ya don't mind me askin'?"
ZodiacDreamer Jan 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Aww why thank you VuV)
Ivan: he turned around having to look down at the significantly shorter, very pale girl from which the question came from. "Oh, it'ss a cello casse, my cello'ss insside." He smirked "you've never ssseen one before?"
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